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Special Note: Diatherix Eurofins will continue to furnish the Genital Health Collection Tubes (orange top tube) until all existing supplies are depleted. At that time, the Puritan® Opti-Swab® will be supplied for all specimen collection requirements excluding the gastric biopsy specimen collection for the Helicobacter pylori Panel.

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– All supply orders are shipped via FedEx® Ground.
– Orders received after 3:00 PM CST may be shipped the following business day

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Puritan Opti-swab
Transfer Pipet
Gastric Biopsy Tube
Tissue Transfer Tool
Nasopharyngeal Swab
Biohazard Bag
Patient Stool Collection Kit
Patient Stool Collection Device
Preprinted Requisition Form
Specimen Shipping Box
FedEx® Clinical Pack
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